DAY 4 VIDEO BLOG: Safari Day at Nsefu with Dazzle Africa

Today we spent the day filming at Nsefu National Park. Nsefu is the Zambian world for Elan. The park was set up to protect animals, especially the Elan which is rare, very flighty, inhabits this area but is not often seen Enjoy the BTS all shot on the iPhone of our day trip to Nsefu, including our break down in the middle of the park. Thx to our sponsors for your support, CanonUSA for your amazing lenses, Westcott Lighting for the Flex Mats which we used constantly...G-Technology for your kick ass SSD Raw drives fort all our footage in the field.

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Clean Water for the Hearts of Mfuwe

This is the behind the scenes video blog from our film shoot in Mfuwe, Zambia. Today is day 2 and we are in a village in Mfuwe where Dazzle Africa recently had a borehole drilled providing clean water for the families in the village. This is the first time for many where they have not had to walk miles a day just to get water.

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Los Angeles to Zambia

Travel days and 1st film day for Dazzle Africa, a philanthropic Safari Company assisting in clean water boreholes, education and anti-poaching effort.

We got to spend 12 days with Dazzle on the ground documenting their efforts, so we decided to create a vlog so you could share the. experience with us.

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Everyday Jesse and I are there following the amazing people at in their efforts to provide clean water, educate children and young adults giving them a purpose and a future, and assisting in CSL & ZCP in their fight to protect African wildlife. We will post a daily video blog on our website and and so you can experience the journey with us.

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