PERFECTLY PAIRED: A culinary experience with a twist

Hosted by: Nikki Howard


 PERFECTLY PAIRED: A culinary experience with a twist

Starring: Nikki Howard

Every week, 8 outspoken guests are invited to an upscale dinner party at elaborate off the grid locations around the United States. Our 5 star rated Chef will prepare a 4 course meal with a twist. The expert aficionado will join Chef to help guide our guests, both on camera and off to the perfect pairings for the meal, the twist, pairing the perfect flavor of cannabis with each course. Something for everybody’s palette?

From gourmet hamburgers to exquisite vegan cuisine, there’s a perfect pairing for each course, and a perfect pairing for everyone willing to take their dining experience to the next level.

This is not your typical dinner conversation.


Pilot in production: Filming late September 2019

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